Valley Center Water Tower Restoration Using Tnemec Coating Products

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Posted on August 26, 2022 by Brent Phillips

Every year at this time, hundreds of coating application companies scramble to submit their best-in-class water tower coating to Tnemec Tank of the Year. A celebrated industry competition that rallies around Tnemec coating products.

The idea is built around a town centerpiece to advertise and motivate entire communities to come together. Community leaders frequently enlist residents’ help to participate in the design, which was the case for the community in Valley Center, Kansas.

Valley Center, Kansas, Water Tower

The residents of Valley Center were asked to participate by submitting artwork designs for the water tower restoration project. The response was overwhelming. From students at the Valley Center High School to small business owners, artwork designs infused one component the entire community supports and loves, the Valley Center High School mascot, the Hornets.

Water Tower Design and Coat 

Cunningham Sandblasting & Painting was commissioned to execute the artwork design that was put to the vote by the residents of Valley Center, who ultimately voted and selected the artwork design submitted by a member of Brickmob, a local group of civic-minded urban artists. 

The restoration of the water tower wrapped up on August 11, 2022. The team at Cunningham sandblasted the interior and power-washed the exterior of the Valley Center water tower. A Tnemec epoxy coating was used to protect the wet interior of the tower. The exterior was painted using Tnemec urethane paints.

Tnemec Coatings

Cunningham applied a Series N140 Pota-Pox by Tnemec to the interior of the tower to provide a protective coat between the substrate and potable water. After the coating cured, the tank was filled with fresh water, and services were returned to the citizens of Valley Center, Kansas.

The paint used on the exterior of the Valley Center water tower was matched using Tnemec color swatches. With nearly 521 colors, Tnemec was the superior choice for restoring the Valley Center water tower.

Sneak Peak, Valley Center Tnemec Tank of the Year Submission

If there is one thing Cunningham is known for, it’s delivering superior tank and tower coating protections and creative execution of tower painting. But helping the team at Cunningham accomplish this feat was Tnemec coating products.

The team at Cunningham is super excited for the town of Valley Center, Kansas, as its entry into the Tnemec Tank of the Year. Stay tuned for voting dates!

If your town is interested in obtaining a quote to restore a residential water tower, contact the Cunningham Sandblasting & Painting team at (620) 848-3030 today!