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Full List of Our Potable Water Storage System Services

Industrial & potable coatings

Storage tank modifications & repairs

Roof ventilation improvement

Overflow Pipe adjustments and installations

Concrete foundation repairs

OSHA compliant vandal deterrent

Affordable mixing & retention systems

Bolted manway & access hatch installations

OSHA compliant fall prevention

NACE certified inspections

Riser protection & frost jackets


Our NACE certified inspectors at Cunningham are always prepared to assess the condition of your potable water storage facility. NACE certifications are recognized as the highest standard in the coating maintenance industry. If it’s time for your rural water district’s state required inspection, Cunningham is happy to offer affordable, accurate inspections. Your inspection costs can further be decreased by scheduling an inspection alongside neighboring water districts that are already scheduled for one of our inspections.

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Our range of mechanical services for potable water storage facilities include storage tank modifications and repairs, affordable mixing and retention system installations, and overflow pipe adjustment and installation. Whatever the mechanical maintenance needs of your tower or tank, Cunningham has the experienced technicians and budget-friendly pricing perfect for your potable water storage system.

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Safety & Access

At Cunningham, we stay up to date on all local, state, and Federal regulations in order to ensure the highest standards of safety compliance. We can install OSHA compliant fall prevention, and OSHA compliant vandal deterrents. We also do bolted manway and access hatch installations, roof ventilation improvements, concrete foundation repairs, riser protections, and frost jackets.

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Potable water storage tank coatings corrode and wear down over time. The speed of this process is drastically increased when tank cleaning is deferred. We offer sandblasting services to clean water towers and tanks guaranteed to extend the life of your potable water storage coating. When it is time for a new coating we are ready to give your tank the coating it needs to stay in excellent condition.

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Swimming Pools

Just like potable water storage facilities, your swimming pool has a protective coating which requires cleaning or recoating. Our sandblasting services will increase the lifespan of a coating. When it is time for a new coating, Cunningham can ensure your pool has a durable one, which will last for years to come.

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