Protective Coating: Polyurea Safeguards Potable Water Inside Storage Tanks and Towers

Protective Coating Polyurea Safeguards Potable Water Inside Storage Tanks And Towers

Posted on March 29, 2024 by Brent Phillips

Water towers, iconic symbols scattered across the United States landscape, supply vital water infrastructure to local municipalities. Preserving the structural integrity of these storage tanks and towers is, by extension, how stored potable water lasts longer.

Therefore, tough protective coatings are necessary. In today’s blog, we’ll explore:

  • Why water tank protection is critical?
  • The value of a durable coating
  • How do city water managers and water asset managers benefit?
  • Community impact and public perception

Why is Water Tank Protection Critical?

Water tanks are crucial in storing and supplying clean water to communities. However, these vessels get bombarded by environmental forces, including:

  • Extreme Weather Conditions
  • UV Radiation
  • Chemical Exposure

These exposure types highlight the significance of implementing a robust coating to shield these structures from potential damage.

Value of a Durable Coating

Enter the toughest protective coating: polyurea. The groundbreaking innovation has a long industry history that began in 1987. Polyurea can withstand the harshest elements and provide unparalleled defense for water tanks and towers.

With its fast curing time, the coating technology combines exceptional durability against structural shifts with outstanding resistance to corrosion, abrasion, and impacts. Its ability to withstand UV radiation ensures coating integrity, preventing premature degradation.

Polyurea’s rugged protection as a coating requires minimal maintenance. Its unique chemical composition and application process create a seamless, impermeable barrier that adheres tightly to the surface of the tank or tower, providing long-lasting protection.

How do City Water Managers and Water Asset Managers Benefit?

For municipal water managers, the application of the toughest coating brings numerous advantages:

  1. Significantly extend a water tank’s lifespan by reducing the need for frequent repairs or replacements.
  2. Minimize water contamination risk, safeguarding the community’s health and well-being.
  3. Lowering the maintenance requirements saves water management authorities valuable time and resources.

Water asset managers also reap substantial benefits from the toughest coatings. By ensuring the longevity of water towers, they can optimize their asset management strategies, focusing on proactive measures rather than reactive repairs. Additionally, a coating’s ability to resist chemical exposure prevents potential leaks or structural damage, ensuring the integrity of the entire water distribution network.

Community Impact and Public Perception

From a community perspective, the importance of a tough protective coating cannot be overstated. A visually appealing water tower, protected by polyurea, can symbolize civic pride and local identity. Furthermore, a well-maintained and protected water supply contributes to a community’s overall perception, attracting potential investors, businesses, and residents.

Contact a Coating Professional

In conclusion, the toughest protective coating has revolutionized water tank protection by providing unmatched durability and longevity. City water managers, asset managers, and community residents benefit from applying this innovative technology.

Polyurea safeguards water towers, ensuring the reliability of the water supply, protecting public health, and enhancing the overall resilience of a community’s vital infrastructure. To schedule your city’s next water tank inspection or coating application, call the professionals at Cunningham Inc. at (620) 848-3030.