Hiring a NACE Coating Inspector for Your Municipality’s Water Tower Restoration Project

Hiring a NACE Coating Inspector for Your Municipality's Water Tower Restoration Projectfeatured image

Posted on March 9, 2023 by Brent Phillips

When it comes time to hire a NACE Coating Inspector, there are a few things you should look for when hiring an experienced professional for your municipalities next water tower restoration project:

  1. A NACE-certified inspector
  2.  Ask for NACE certified number
  3.  Request references
  4.  Inquire about past NACE inspections

Hire An Experienced Professional 

A NACE Coating Inspector should comprehensively understand coating systems and their application. They should be knowledgeable about surface preparation, coating materials, application methods, safety procedures, and inspection techniques.

Additionally, they should possess a working knowledge of relevant industry standards and regulations such as SSPC-PA-2 and ISO 9001. With these skills, an experienced NACE Inspector can apply the highest quality coatings to all surfaces.

A NACE-Certified Inspector

A NACE Certified Inspector inspects and assesses the integrity of industrial components and systems under standards established by the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) International. 

This certification ensures inspectors have the knowledge, skills, and ability to identify potential problems and accurately provide corrective action and remedies. With this certification, businesses can rest assured that their assets are adequately maintained and inspected.

NACE Certified Number

The NACE Certified Number is a certification awarded to individuals who have achieved mastery in the field of corrosion engineering. Those credentials get issued and recorded at the AMPP National Registry, where you can verify an individual inspector’s certificate of knowledge and skills to properly evaluate, diagnose, and prevent corrosion from taking place in a structure or system.

It is also critical for those in related industries as it assures competency when dealing with corrosive materials. The NACE Certified Number ensures that professionals are up-to-date on the latest methods, techniques, and regulations related to corrosion engineering.

Request References

NACE Coating Inspectors are responsible for ensuring the quality of metal surfaces by applying protective coatings. To be successful in the profession, NACE Inspectors must have a thorough knowledge of coating materials, corrosion, coating application processes, and the inspection methods used to evaluate the effectiveness of those coatings.

They should also have a good understanding of corrosion control principles and the standards established by NACE International.

As such, NACE International supplies certified inspectors with corrosion prevention manuals and other technical publications. These resources get used during training and are invaluable reference tools for NACE Coating Inspectors to stay updated on industry trends and changes while improving their professional knowledge.

Inquire About Past NACE Inspections

Coating and inspection jobs protect surface substrates from corrosion, wear, and other hazards. A NACE Inspector with experience will ensure the job gets done correctly and safely.

Hiring a NACE Inspector with previous coating and inspection experience can develop their skills further as they advance in their field. That helps ensure that the coating job gets completed with the highest standards.

Hire One Team for it All

The Cunningham team is dedicated to helping city water managers protect a municipality’s water assets from protective coating failures. Their NACE inspectors hold core competency certifications as Level 1 and 2 inspectors.

Contact Cunningham today to schedule a NACE CIP inspection or to speak with a Water Tank Specialist regarding tank restoration, repair, and protective coating applications. Your best solution to safeguarding your town’s water tower is the team at Cunningham.

With headquarter’s centrally located inside the continental U. S. in Southwest Missouri, the team at Cunningham serves communities from coast to coast. Call Cunningham today at (620) 848-3030.