Consumer Awareness is A Prime Market Driver for Using Low VOCs in Water Asset Management

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Posted on January 27, 2023 by Brent Phillips

If you’re responsible for your municipality’s water asset management, you may find your job increasingly challenging in 2023. That’s because consumers are taking a closer look at what impacts their local environment and how it affects climate change.

That leaves some city water manager’s wondering how to adjust their annual water asset management plan in response to consumer awareness and demand.

Forecasting Trends Driven by Consumer Awareness

With the recent report that came out on Monday, January 9, 2023, on the slow repair of our planet’s protective ozone layer, it’s no wonder that city managers may begin feeling more pressure from community residents requesting the use of low VOC protective coatings. 

In addition, U. S. consumers broadly impact forecasting trends in market shares that are primarily for business-to-business markets. It’s no wonder, too, since government regulations promote using low-emitting volatile organic compounds (VOCs). That’s because low VOCs emit little aerosol into the atmosphere, which plays a role in repairing our ozone layer.

These environmentally-friendly coatings are what have driven consumer demands placed on city managers. All to focus more on fostering safe and healthy communities through the use of low-emitting VOC coatings, like

Low VOC Protective Coating

With environmental concerns at the forefront of consumers’ minds, it’s no wonder that low or no-VOC protective coatings are in high demand these days. That placed a lot of pressure on industrial paint manufacturers that produce protective coatings explicitly designed for:

  • Anti-corrosion
  • Anti-graffiti
  • Immersion and non-immersive

Even international organizations that set industry guidelines and standards, like NACE International, responded to environmental concerns of VOCs that impact customers downstream and focus more on low or no emissions.

Coating Experts that Use Low VOCs

Suppose you’re a city water manager looking to protect your water assets, the environment, and community residents. In that case, you must talk with the NACE-certified team and coating experts at Cunningham Inc. As a leader in the coatings industry for tanks and towers, the Cunningham team can help you inspect, repair, and maintain the health of your water assets.

They can comprehensively assess the state of your water tower–inside and out. Then provide an SD card containing full-length video footage from their state-of-the-art remotely operated vehicle for internal tank inspection.

Whether your municipal water tower needs repair or a complete restoration, the Cunningham coatings team can perform all the protective coatings–internally and externally. In addition, they can help drive community appeal to help your municipality’s water tower function as a billboard by applying a protective coating to the outside.

Complete an online form to begin scheduling your next NACE Inspection today! You can also contact the team at Cunningham at (602) 848-3030 if you have any questions.