What are Some Common Types of Water Tank Repairs?

What Are Some Common Typtes Of Water Tank Repairs?

Posted on May 1, 2024 by Brent Phillips

Water towers and tanks play a vital role in maintaining the water supply and pressure in many communities. As these structures age, they may require repairs and maintenance to ensure optimal functionality and longevity. In today’s blog, we delve into common water tank and tower repair types, providing key insights for water asset managers to enhance their understanding and maintenance practices.

Understanding Common Repair Needs

Water towers and tanks can experience a range of issues that necessitate repairs. Some everyday repair needs include leaks, corrosion, structural damage, and mechanical failures. Identifying these issues early on prevents further deterioration and ensures continuous water supply.

Types of Repairs

The four most common types of repairs that are done to towers and tanks are:

  1. Leak Detection and Sealing
  2. Corrosion Mitigation
  3. Structural Rehabilitation
  4. Preventative Maintenance

Leak Detection and Sealing

Leaks can occur due to aging infrastructure, extreme weather conditions, or improper maintenance. Leak detection techniques, such as visual inspection, pressure testing, and acoustic monitoring, help identify the source of leaks.

Visual Inspection

Visual examination of water tanks and towers is a process whereby a tank inspection visually investigates the interior and exterior for any signs of tank deterioration and failure, such as:

Pressure Testing

A common method for leak detection in water tanks and towers involves pressurizing the tank or tower and monitoring the pressure levels to identify pressure drops that indicate the presence of leaks.

Acoustic Monitoring

Inspectors also use sensitive microphones to detect sounds from water escaping through leaks.

Repair Solution

When it comes to structural leaks, effective repair solutions can extend the lifespan of the water storage vessel. One approach is epoxy injectables, a robust resin that fills in cracks or gaps where leaks occur. Once that resin hardens, a durable sealant is applied to prevent further water leakage.

Corrosion Mitigation

Corrosion is a significant concern in water tanks and towers, particularly in areas with high humidity or aggressive water chemistry. Surface preparation, corrosion inhibitors, and protective coatings are utilized to mitigate corrosion and extend the lifespan of these vital water asset structures.

Structural Rehabilitation

Structural damage, such as deep fissures or degradation of support systems, requires rehabilitation through carbon fiber reinforcement, grouting, and steel plate installation. All offer practical solutions for restoring structural integrity.

Carbon Fiber Reinforcement

Carbon fiber reinforcement is a repair technique employed to reinforce structural damage in water tanks and towers by applying carbon fiber sheets or strips bonded with epoxy resin to the damaged areas.


Another method of structural rehabilitation uses a cementitious material injected into cracks and voids as a structure stabilizer.

Steel Plate Installation

A common approach to reinforcing weakened or damaged sections is to weld steel plates into position, which strengthens and stabilizes the water storage vessel.

Preventive Maintenance

Regular maintenance is not just a task, but a responsibility that ensures the operational efficiency of water tanks and towers. By conducting periodic inspections, cleaning, and routine maintenance, you can detect and address potential issues before they escalate. This proactive approach to preventive maintenance is key to maintaining the structural integrity of your water assets.

Maintaining Essential Water Infrastructures

Water tanks and towers are essential infrastructure components that require proper care and timely repairs to guarantee their functionality. By understanding everyday repair needs, addressing leaks, mitigating corrosion, and implementing preventive maintenance measures, asset water managers can effectively extend the lifespan of these structures and maintain a reliable water supply for the communities they serve.

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