Tower of Water: Exploring Three of the Largest Water Storage Towers in the World

Tower Of Water Exploring Three Of The Largest Water Storage Towers In The World

Posted on July 8, 2024 by Brent Phillips

Water towers play a crucial role in ensuring a constant supply of clean water in communities around the globe. In today’s blog, we’ll embark on a journey to discover three of the largest water towers, examining their towering height and impressive volume. We will also explore the significance of these structures in safeguarding our precious water resources.

Feats of Engineering Wonder

Water towers are not just functional structures but feats of engineering wonder. These towering giants come in many shapes and designs.

The three we’ll explore today are sphere-shaped water towers, often called spheres or spheroids. The distinction between these two spheres is that one is more symmetrical (equal on all sides) than the other.

Three of the World’s Largest Water Towers

Three of the world’s largest water towers, by height and volume, are located inside U. S. borders. All three are spheroid in design.

  1. The first water spheroid is located in Braman, Oklahoma. The Kaw Nation commissioned the build, which was completed in 2010. It tops out at 220.6 feet (ft) and holds 350,000 gallons of water, making it one of the tallest water towers in the world.
  2. The next spheroid on our list holds a Guinness World Record, although it has yet to be challenged. Situated in Edmond, Oklahoma, this water spheroid was built in 1986 and has a finished height of 218 ft. Despite its soaring height, this architectural wonder stores 500,000 gallons of water, efficiently meeting local community needs.
  3. The last spheroid resides in Erwin, North Carolina, and reaches a height of 219.75 ft. Although this architectural wonder stands slightly taller than the Guinness World Record holder, it stores 500,000 gallons of water equally.

Population Locations and Water Towers

The strategic placement of water towers is crucial in ensuring water supply to densely populated areas. Large water towers are strategically located near thriving communities, catering to the water demands of a significant number of residents, which often influences the design and capacity of these water towers.

Protecting the World’s Water Storage Tanks

Preserving water tower integrity is paramount to the sustainability of water resources. These structures serve as guardians for clean water sources, shielding out contaminants and ensuring availability during times of high demand or emergency. Discover the innovative measures taken to protect and maintain the world’s largest water towers.

Appreciation of Human Ingenuity

Water towers stand tall as symbols of human ingenuity and the importance of sustainable water management. From their impressive volume and towering height to their crucial role in safeguarding our water resources, these structures continue to play a vital role in providing clean water to communities around the world.
As we appreciate their engineering marvel, let us recognize the need to protect and preserve our water towers for a sustainable future. To schedule your municipality’s tower inspection, repairs, and restoration, contact Cunningham Inc. at (620) 848-3030.