Our Services
Coatings, Repairs, and Accessories From full coating renovations, ladder installations and leak repairs, to simple cleaning, paint touch up and screen replacements, Cunningham Inc. offers a variety of services to restore and protect your storage facility. More of these services are included in the following:
  • Industrial & potable coatings
  • Storage tank modifications & repairs
  • Affordable mixing & retention systems
  • Bolted manway & access hatch installations
  • Overflow Pipe adjustments and installations
  • Roof ventilation improvement
  • OSHA compliant fall prevention
  • OSHA compliant vandal deterrent
  • Concrete foundation repairs
  • Riser protection & frost jackets
  • NACE certified inspections
Do You Know When Your Storage Facility Was Last Cleaned, Sanitized or Inspected? We know you have a busy schedule, that’s why we offer a plan to help you keep track of your tank’s service record. Cunningham, Inc. offers a complete, comprehensive tank servicing program that keeps your tank clean and sanitized, and can significantly increase the life span of your tank’s interior coating system. Don’t settle for a service and maintenance program that falls short of your expectations, or costs more than you can comfortably afford. We offer service programs that can be adjusted to suit your unique needs. Call us today to discuss your facility’s needs, and let us design a service plan that is specific for your water system.
How Could an Affordable, Comprehensive Service and Maintenance Program Benefit Your Facility?
Peace of Mind We keep track of your tank’s records and scheduling history. These records are made easily available to you with one convenient phone call. Simple Budgeting We offer our service customers “Pay as You Go”. If your water system is set up on a biennial service plan, then you only pay every two years, when service is completed for that years’ cycle.
Expedited Tank Repairs For service customers, we’re often able to schedule emergency repairs in a matter of hours at no additional cost to you. Extended Coatings Life Many of our service customers have reported that their entire cost of service and maintenance is consistently offset by the significant increase in the life of their tank’s interior coatings. Call today to receive a reference list.
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