Exploring the Importance of Flexible Protective Coatings

Exploring The Importance Of Flexible Protective Coatings

Posted on November 28, 2023 by Brent Phillips

Industrial coatings are crucial in safeguarding various surfaces from damage and deterioration. Whether it’s protecting metal structures from corrosion or shielding concrete surfaces from wear and tear, these coatings have become essential throughout many industries.

Although the primary purpose of protective coatings is to create a barrier that shields the substrate from external attacks such as:

  • Atmospheric Moisture
  • Chemical Exposure
  • UV radiation
  • Physical Abrasion

In today’s blog, we’ll explore the flexible properties of coating materials, and the role coatings play to combat thermal expanse and safeguard against structural movement.

Significance of Flexibility in Thermal Expansion

Flexibility plays a crucial role in the effectiveness and durability of protective coatings. In industrial applications, coatings should withstand the effects of thermal expansion.

Flexible coatings are designed to adapt to dynamic environments. For example, acrylic and epoxy coatings often get used in exterior applications, such as steel and concrete water storage tanks.

Both possess unique properties that allow these coatings to stretch and contract without cracking or peeling. That flexibility ensures the coating layers remain intact even when subjected to external forces such as ambient temperature extremes caused by:

  • Seasonal Temperature Fluctuations
  • Fires
  • Ultra Violet Radiation

Additionally, flexible coatings can accommodate thermal expansion and contraction due to temperature changes. As materials heat up or cool down, they naturally expand or contract. A rigid powder coating may crack under these conditions, compromising its protective qualities.

In summary, flexibility is an indispensable characteristic of coatings. It allows them to endure external impacts from thermal expansion, and substrate movement while preserving the underlying layers. By choosing a flexible protective coating, you can ensure superior protection for your assets in various applications while minimizing maintenance costs.

Adaptability to Structural Movements

However, flexible coatings can also withstand structural movement without sacrificing the integrity of the substrate. That’s why a flexible coating layer ensures long-lasting protection against environmental factors and extends the lifespan of coated surfaces.

Protective industrial coatings also play a crucial role in ensuring structural durability. Tall structures, like water towers or skyscrapers, are often subjected to daily movements due to factors such as:

  • Impact Tremors or Vibrations
  • Seismic Activity
  • Wind Forces
  • Ground Settling

These movements can result in structural shifts, stressing the protective coatings applied to the structure. That means the layers of coatings can stretch vertically and horizontally without cracking or peeling, protecting the underlying substrate from corrosion and damage.

These adaptable protective industrial coatings provide a reliable barrier against environmental elements while allowing for natural structural shift.

Incorporating flexible coatings is crucial for long-term structural integrity, whether it’s a high-rise skyscraper or a water tower. Water asset managers can ensure that tanks, exposed pipes, and hydrants remain protected and extend the lifespan of the water assets by choosing coatings that can withstand expansion and contraction.

The Importance of Flexibility in Achieving Optimal Protection with Protective Coatings

Surface protection is one of the key benefits offered by protective coatings. For steel and concrete structures exposed to harsh weather conditions, it’s essential to prevent corrosion and degradation.

However, flexible coatings act as a shield against potential damage. Because external layers are exposed to environmental impacts that are both seen and unseen, a flexible coating can prevent damage to underlying coating layers.

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