Different Coating Applications for Drinking Water Storage Tanks and Wastewater Treatment Plants

Different Coating Applications for Drinking Water Storage Tanks and Wastewater Treatment Plantsfeatured image

Posted on May 16, 2023 by Brent Phillips

Coating applications, or industrial coatings, effectively prolong the service life of drinking water storage tanks and wastewater treatment plants from corrosion, wear, and other damage. By applying a protective coating to these surfaces, it’s possible to maintain the integrity of these structures and extend the operational life of these facilities.

As a result, the cost to maintain these facility assets drops over time while improving the health and safety of people interacting directly or indirectly with these treatment or storage facilities. In addition, protective coatings can also help reduce the risk of contamination from chemical or biological pollutants that can inadvertently enter these systems.

Today we’ll explore how the different industrial coating applications can benefit potable water storage tanks and wastewater treatment facilities.

What Coating Applications Can Help Protect Drinking Water Sources

The quality of drinking water is a primary concern worldwide, and protective coatings can play an essential role in helping to protect potable water supplies. There are a variety of coating applications that are specifically designed to help protect drinking water sources from these contaminants:

  • Corrosion
  • Environmental impacts
  • Microorganisms

The application coatings for potable water environments provide abrasive resistance and innovative application characteristics within adverse weather conditions. By using these coating applications, you can rest assured that your municipality’s water assets are safe and drinking water is free from contamination.

  • Polyamide epoxy
  • Aromatic Ureathane
  • Polyamidoamine Epoxy

Industrial Coatings That Help Improve the Efficiency of Wastewater Treatment Plants

Wastewater treatment plants are essential for preserving the environment and public health. However, these treatment plants are often exposed to corrosive environmental factors that can damage and reduce a facility’s service life.

Industrial coatings can help improve the efficiency of wastewater treatment facilities by protecting them from corrosion and other environmental factors in much the same way as potable water facilities. These coatings come in various forms, such as:

  • Polyamine ceramic epoxy coatings
  • Hydrophobic film (repells water) aromatic polyurethane
  • Hydrophobic acrylic polymer

Furthermore, these coatings also help reduce associated maintenance costs by preventing corrosion and acid damage to treatment facility equipment and structures. With the help of advanced generation coatings, wastewater treatment locations can remain efficient for an extended period while reducing overall maintenance costs.

Contact A Protective Coating Expert

If your municipality’s water storage tank or wastewater treatment facilities need a new protective coating update, contact the team at Cunningham Inc. today by calling (620) 848-3030. Their team of coating experts can help bring your facilities back up to code to protect community members and staff members from being exposed to any contamination.

In addition, their team can also assist with retrofitting most storage water and wastewater treatment plants with these additional product services:

  • Manway hatches
  • Overflow pipes
  • Riser covers
  • Frost jackets
  • Roofing ventilation